Why Temperature Regulation isn’t Just a Luxury, But a Necessity for Every Savvy Rental Property Owner

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Temperature Regulation: Keep costs down and guests happy!

As a rental property owner, it’s essential to evaluate the needs of your tenants constantly and make the investments necessary to keep your property attractive and competitive. One of the most overlooked features of a rental property is temperature regulation. Some may view it as an unnecessary luxury, but savvy rental property owners understand that it’s a necessity that can lead to significant cost savings, improved property value, and increased safety for tenants.

The Cost Savings of Temperature Regulation

With utilities, one of the most significant expenses for rental property owners is the heating and cooling of their units. Failure to regulate temperature could cause high energy bills, which are costly for the owner and the tenant. Investing in a regulation system can save on utility bills, which is especially important if the utility’s responsibility falls on you.

Here are some cost-saving benefits of incorporating temperature regulation in rental properties:

  • Reduction of up to 10% on your energy bills annually by lowering your thermostat temperature by 7-10 degrees for eight hours a day, according to the US Department of Energy.
  • You can save nearly $200 per year by properly using a setback thermostat.
  • Proper regulation can extend the lifespan and efficiency of your HVAC system, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements. This can lead to significant long-term cost savings for rental property owners.

Renters are less likely to leave a comfortable and energy-efficient living space, an advantage savvy rental property owners can’t ignore.

Improving Your Property Value with Temperature Regulation

A savvy rental property owner will view temperature regulation as an investment rather than an expense. The smart rental property owner will show renters the value of living in a comfortable environment by equipping the property with a state-of-the-art temperature regulation system. This can help you become competitive in the rental market and fulfill your tenants’ needs.

Here are some additional ways these systems can improve your property value:

  • Surveys show tenants are happier when they have control over their thermostats. A temperature-limiting thermostat can make both the tenant and landlord happy!
  • A working HVAC system and a robust climate control system reduce the risk of more severe maintenance issues down the road, which can become costly for the landlord.
  • A modern and efficient temperature regulation system can boost the value of your rental property and set it apart from the competition.

These benefits can help rental property owners secure higher rents and increase their overall return on investment.

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Temperature Regulation as a Safety Feature

Temperature can affect human health and well-being, especially during extreme weather. Apart from ensuring the temperature is comfortable, a temperature regulation system can also provide safety for tenants. Proper regulation means tenants won’t have to worry about potential health risks from extreme heat or cold, which can lead to unnecessary stress and accidents.

Here are some benefits of temperature regulation as a safety feature:

  • By mitigating the risks associated with temperature-sensitive equipment, temperature regulation systems can protect against costly downtime and safety risks for businesses such as data centers and laboratories.
  • With extreme weather, such as a heatwave or a polar vortex, temperature regulation systems can minimize the risks related to heatstroke or hypothermia.
  • Proper regulation can also help prevent moisture buildup, which can cause mold growth and damage property.

Besides providing a comfortable and safe living environment, temperature regulation systems can also help rental property owners reduce their energy bills and boost the value of their rental units.

If you’re considering investing in a regulation system for your rental property, it’s essential to understand the different available systems. Here are some of the most popular temperature regulation systems:

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats use machine learning algorithms to analyze temperature data and adjust accordingly. These systems are highly customizable, with features that allow tenants to set schedules or even voice-activated commands.

Smart thermostats may be expensive, but they can lead to significant cost savings in the long run, especially in larger properties. They are easy to use, highly efficient, and can provide insight into temperature use for overall energy efficiency. However, as the New York Times tech experts explain, you should be aware of their downsides.

  • These are more effective for noting when people aren’t home and turning down the heat and up AC
  • Not effective for all heating and cooling systems
  • Too complex for older residents
  • Not secure

In the end, the Times article puts it down to the bottom line:

“But depending on your home, they might not make sense—such as if you install $1,000 worth of thermostats and sensors only to save a cumulative $100 a year on your bills.”

Zoned HVAC Systems

Users can customize the temperature regulation of different building parts with a zoned HVAC system by heating or cooling them separately. This system is more expensive than traditional temperature regulation systems, but it can lead to significant cost savings and overall comfort by eliminating hot and cold spots.

Temperature Limiting Thermostats

A temperature-limiting thermostat is a simple but effective form of temperature regulation. These devices allow you to set a maximum and minimum limit on the temperature of your rental property. This type of thermostat ensures that users do not use the heating and cooling systems excessively, leading to significant cost savings on energy bills.

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Temperature Regulation: The Key to savings on your rental property!

Each rental property requires a specific temperature regulation system that suits its needs. Factors such as climate, property size, and tenant needs should dictate the type of system you invest in. While smart thermostats and zoned HVAC systems have their benefits, a temperature-limiting thermostat is a more practical and cost-effective choice for most rental properties. 

Chicago Controls Thermostats is your go-to solution for rental properties. They provide a wide range of temperature regulation systems that cater to different needs and properties at an affordable price.

Final Thoughts

To be a savvy rental property owner, it’s imperative to consider the benefits of temperature regulation systems. It’s becoming a basic expectation among tenants besides cost savings, improved value, and safety. Investing in temperature regulation systems will make your rental property attractive and secure.

If you want to learn more about temperature regulation systems, check out Chicago Controls Thermostats. We offer various options that cater to multiple property types and sizes and aim to help rental property owners thrive in today’s competitive market.

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